Scott Adams Interview: Trump’s Tactics and Hillary’s Persuasion Game

Adams sees Trump as fundamentally a skilled persuader. In this interview, he explains this concept well. Adams also sees the New Yorker in Trump and mentions how this affects the way he speaks.

What Adams says about persuasion is probably largely true. But it is a truth that belongs in a world characterized by bad communication.

In the public sphere, there are no options to the world Adams describes.

In the private sphere of interpersonal communication, there are.

Unfortunately, most people use only the techniques of the public sphere in the private sphere.

They do this because they do not know any other techniques. FIML is a technique that allows for much better communication in the private sphere.

Using special techniques to persuade is the opposite of what FIML does.

FIML seeks to remove all artifice and assumption from close interpersonal communication. By doing this, FIML also removes them from the individual psychologies of FIML partners.

After doing FIML for some time, I no longer see individual psychology as a sum of traits and signs that can be studied or understood as if they were actual entities, actual ghosts or ghost-like sub-beings that have minds of their own and perdure over time. I don’t use signs to tell what my partner thinks or feels, or not very many save the straightforward ones.

Individuals are semiotic beings that respond deeply to communication signals, especially signals coming from people. In the public sphere, in the world Adams describes, we never know what anything means unless we have successfully persuaded someone. But then what does that mean?

And even if we have persuaded them, maybe they have really persuaded us but we don’t know it.

You don’t want to live like that with your best friend. With FIML you can put it all out there and figure it all out and all of that can be done at your own pace.

If you are using public-sphere communication techniques on your best friend (you are), you are actually allowing yourselves to be pulled apart by the public sphere. You are allowing yourselves to be absorbed by the public sphere, dissolved by it, destroyed by it.

FIML is a method that helps partners gain enormous control of their communication. Perfectly open, honest, and with no tricks.

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