How far will they go?

There are some bad signs. Bad signs should be noted and taken seriously.

The first is, today Wikileaks says Assange’s internet access has been blocked ‘by a state party’. In response Assange has released codes for Wikileak’s “dead man switch.”

No one knows where this is going to lead, but it does appear likely that “state” (US) power is bringing a hammer down on Assange.

The second is Hillary Clinton’s constant loose talk about confronting Russia and especially her talk of declaring a “no-fly zone” over Syria. It is widely agreed that a move like that risks a shooting war with Russia that could go nuclear. Any conflict with Russia would tend to favor Clinton and could be used as an excuse to postpone or cancel elections.

The third is just a few days ago Obama said he wants to “curate” the news we get to see.

These three signs, and there are others, indicate a very possible assertion of very strong state power over the US and world.

Some of the other signs that events are moving in this direction are:

  • Bill Clinton meeting Lynch on her plane days before Comey said no charges
  • Comey’s saying no charges, indicating a coverup that includes even the president of the USA as well as the DOJ
  • strong indications that the “Very VIP” Combetta sought to erase from Clinton’s private server is president Obama
  • Obama’s almost frantic campaigning for Hillary, unprecedented for a sitting president, even including many appearances by Michelle
  • Wikileaks claiming they will release information that will end Hillary’s political career

These are only signs and nothing may come of any of them. But pay attention to this and more and wait and see.

EDIT 07:45 AM: Just in Russia Today bank accounts ‘frozen in UK’. This is definitely yet another sign.


Incidentally, one of the reasons I like Donald Trump is his positions on Russia are intelligent, realistic, and based on facts. In contrast, Obama/Hillary have done nothing but increase tensions while spreading lies about Russia, even claiming that Wikileaks is a Russian thing (while ignoring the actual content of the leaks while at the same time doing whatever they can to stop more of them).

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