less animus against us than the average Biden administrator

Russia demands illegal migrants from post-Soviet countries to leave by June 15. It is unbelievable, the degree, to which I have come to view the Russians as the good guys. Even as America’s prime national competitor, Vladimir Putin has two or three orders of magnitude less animus against us than the average Biden administration member, and probably ten orders of magnitude less than the average leader of the conspiracy who is issuing Biden’s orders. It is even more impressive as all our lives we have been being programmed to see Russia as an evil empire, and reality had to overcome all that programming.


“Top of the World” nations—North America, Europe, Russia, Mongolia, Korea, Japan, and some others—are natural allies; most through culture and history and all through location, regional concerns, and many shared sensibilities. One reason I supported Trump was his desire to get along better with Russia. It is globalist neocon leftist corporatists who control Ukraine and seek to undermine Russia as well as USA. Notice how much bribe money and kickbacks routinely pass through Ukraine into offshore DC bank accounts.

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