Tucker Carlson explains Frank Luntz

Frank Luntz is an insufferable political putz and UniParty gatekeeper {See HERE – and HERE – and HERE}, but Fox News always protected their swamp spokesperson… until now.  In Friday Night’s opening monologue Tucker Carlson took-on the DeceptiCon contract agent known as Frank Luntz.

Something is happening in the background for Fox News to give permission (perhaps instructions) to Tucker Carlson to be able to do this.

Everything Carlson notes is accurate; the expose’ is absolutely correct; but I cannot stop wondering why now? …And why Tucker Carlson?    Carlson was always a member of the approved DeceptiCon establishment.  This reversal doesn’t seem real.  Watch this segment.  Check the links above to absorb the full background.

Tucker Carlson Takes On Frank Luntz

People like Luntz are what makes people like me believe there is an overarching cabal that controls everything in USA and most of world. Watch this video on Freemasonry in this context and it’s hard not to connect the dots.

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