Is Big Tech a Big Money loser?

Donald Trump responds to Facebook’s decision to keep him banned, calling it a, “total embarrassment.” Notice he has not yet created clones of twitter, facebook, and other Big Tech giants. The reason may be, even he could not afford to operate such a losing business model, without a huge inflow of pilfered cash directed from all of Cabal’s corruption. It would bankrupt him in short order. Think of Hotwheels, who founded 8Chan, only to end up losing it because he could not afford to run it. All that traffic, and he could not advertise, he could not monetize, he could not get donations – all he ended up doing was paying massive amounts of cash for seemingly never-ending bandwidth.

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The idea is that the Cabal uses social media to spy on everyone while simultaneously propagandizing everything, controlling all information. Consider that covid has been treated by MSM, Big Tech, and globalists the same as Donald Trump was and is treated—with lies, censorship, and a stupid narrative—and you can see a pattern of information distortion, fabrication, and control. Who or what is the Cabal? Look at who is doing it and who is pulling the strings. Cabal will look different from different angles and locations like the proverbial elephant, but you can see it is there, an elephant that is always in the room. DC is a captured government as are all its agencies. Whether Big Tech is a money loser or not doesn’t change this picture because money at the top flows like a river and top people can direct it wherever they want. It’s all free money for them.

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