Chauvin gets 22.5 years

Derek Chauvin sentenced to 22 and 1/2 years. So he gets called to help two other officers for a few minutes at the very end of their arrest, to restrain a 6′ 6″ 240lb weightlifter who was high as a kite and fighting after being arrested for passing bad money. He spends a few minutes restraining the guy the way the department told him to, the guy dies from a drug overdose confirmed in the blood work, and you can see him swallow a baggie on video. And Chauvin may spend the rest of his life in jail for that few minutes of service to the community. This is how corrupted the system is – and don’t think this wasn’t rigged to the exact same degree as our elections. You see why everything is coming to a head, and cannot go on as it had.


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