Grand Jury day 3: Crimes against humanity, genocide and depopulation

direct link

Outline of video sent by a friend:

The first half is about PCR tests – puts to bed any question that the tests do anything. There was some virus but doesn’t seem that contagious or deadly at all. Worth watching to thoroughly put the PCR and testing regime to bed as fiction.

The interesting part starts with the second half when a doctor speaks about Remdesivir.  Completely damning for Fauci.  Shows absolute premeditation in purposely causing death with this drug. Then the horror story of UK hospitals with the funeral director speaking after the doctor -wow. There was a doctor friend of my sister that was telling her all the ICU covid people were unvaccinated – but you can see how a treatment protocol can specifically drive this. Insanity. You have a right to be fearful of a hospital.

The last talk you can skip unless you hadn’t heard that guy before – but I believe we discussed his stuff already – it is just a repeat.

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