So while Ukraine and Russia are in the news, I’m going to drop some random nuggets of info (via links) here, for those that want to expand their thinking on this topic.

So while Ukraine and Russia are in the news, I'm going to drop some random nuggets of info (via links) here, for those that want to expand their thinking on this topic.

For those who do NOT want to expand their thinking, please ignore this thread.

For quite some time now, Russians living in Ukraine have been subject to murder and horror. Why?

3. Everyday life for Russians who live in the Donetsk republic. Fun?

Why have neo-Nazis been allowed to grow and grow in the Ukraine? I though the 'West' was against Nazism….

Facebook says Nazis are OK as long as they are anti-Putin/ Anti-Russian.

Really, Zuckerberg? So, anti-globalism (Russia) is evil, but Nazis, not so much…. ?

So Putin is a modern Hitler who must be stopped, but he's ALREADY in talks with Ukraine?

By the way, "nuclear" is being FEAR PORNED. Putin ordered defence chiefs to put nuclear "deterrence forces" on high alert. (point 2 in the article)

Nuclear Deterrence. He doesn't trust Biden. Do you?

I recommend abstaining from the fear porn, folks.

George Soros loves Ukraine. Or…. does he love the Ukrainian corruption?

Meanwhile, Putin really does not like the World Economic Forum globalists, the Davod crowd of the Great Reset aka the New World order…

How about that. Is it possible Ukraine has been a corrupt basecamp for the Swamp?

I mean, in 2016, when Ukrainian prosecutors were investigating Hunter Biden (son of the sitting Vice President, who received approx $3 million from Burisma, a Ukrainian Energy co) joe Made sure he was gone. Poroshenko helped. Hmmm…

And what about those US-run biolabs all throughout Ukraine. Why would they run labs in Ukraine? Might they have been doing Gain of Function work, like in the Wuhan Lab? Dr. Fauci, what do you think?

12. And speaking of these labs, why did the US Embassy immediately wipe their public posts about these labs when the Russians started to attack?

Also, when one Twitter account began asking about this, why did Twitter immediately ban the account?


I guess there's just one thing we can be sure of. We must all hate Vladimir Putin & Russia.

After all, our govts & the globalists couldn't be corrupt themselves, could they?

They wouldn't lock US up, or take away our rights! Surely?

(Psst. 2020-2021-2022)


IF Putin is doing what they say he's doing, they WHY have they been posting fake pictures all over "the news"?

Seriously. And so frickin obviously.


So, downtown Ukraine. Everyone standing up for freedom against the evil Russians!

Surely. Surely our own media wouldn't lie to us.


Hmmmm. I guess after asking politely for 6 years, you might be inclined to act unilaterally against a potential biological warfare event.

But, Covid19 was so harmless, & the world not plunged into tyranny, so why don't you just relax, Mr Putin?


So they admit there’s bio labs there that Putin’s attacking… and in the same article, “don’t worry, they’re not bio weapons or anything”, but they MIGHT release dangerous pathogens….

Uh, OK.

Comon, guys. If you're gonna be fake, at LEAST make an effort.


You gotta wonder WHY DC and the globalist controlled media are so hard-on to make this something it isn't.

"The future of Ukraine is being decided tonight, but also the future of the West!"

Sure, sure.

Analysis from the Hedge.


So ask yourself. Why would they need to fake things if there were things that didn't need to be faked?




Note: Original source article:

Originally tweeted by Canadian Trucker Ferrus (Ignis) (@sovereignAK) on February 28, 2022.

One thought on “So while Ukraine and Russia are in the news, I’m going to drop some random nuggets of info (via links) here, for those that want to expand their thinking on this topic.

  1. Recently found the site and I really like it. You put a lot of great information in this post. The PSYOP is really too much and the normies 1) don’t look out for it and 2) dismiss it out of hand when it’s brought to their attention. The red pill can be hard to swallow.

    I think Putin is a bad guy, he is an evil dictator and no friend of ours. I also think the Ukraine government is even worse. My conclusion is that we should stay stay the hell out of it and let the Euros worry about it. If Germany or Poland or whomever wants to get involved then good luck to them.

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