Celebrities Exposing Elite Pedophile Rings +


or: https://odysee.com/@Spoopy_Stuff:1/celebsexposingelitepedos:7

I have only watched a bit of this film. I doubt it will be a pleasant experience. It is well-regarded as an excellent compilation, a sort of history of this genre all in one place. I myself suffered an outrageous kind of abuse in my younger years and beyond. I know from personal experience that there is a side of this country, indeed the world, that is very cruel and driven to seek power through any means possible. We can see it above us in the war mongering, in the plandemic (a mass poisoning event), in the gruesome nightmarishness of our present American reality, where almost nothing is guided by reason or persuaded by decency. Mind-control is a big part of it. ABN

From the filmmaker:

It’s been a multi-year process collecting all of these videos (and more, but whittling it down to what’s in this video) of various movie, television, music and sports stars speaking out against elite child trafficking, pedophile rings within politics and Hollywood, Illuminati music industry rituals and more. So please excuse the runtime. There’s no filler here, it’s a lot of first-hand (and some second-hand) testimony on some of the worst and sickest crimes which get swept under the rug on the regular.

same as Rumble link above

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