“When a deep understanding of immunology, virology, vaccinology, evolutionary biology, and molecular biology is applied to analysis of whether children should receive current vaccines against COVID-19 (C-19), it is concluded that recommendation of such vaccination is scientifically unsound and that such vaccination is harmful to individual children, children as a group, and Humanity as a whole, for the following reasons:

1) children have an abundant population of innate B cells that are capable of rapidly producing innate/ natural antibodies (Abs), mostly of IgM isotype, and that are highly adaptable to a broad and diversified spectrum of antigens or pathogenic agents. Innate Abs can facilitate cell-mediated killing of host cells infected with Coronaviruses (CoVs), including all SC-2 variants,independently of previous immune priming by antigen / pathogen encounters.

2) innate immunity can be trained such as to acquire memory and, therefore, improve the host’s innate immune defence upon future exposure to more infectious variants that may emerge during an epidemic or pandemic.

3) the C-19 vaccines undermine the innate immune system by, for example, hindering binding of innate, low affinity antibodies and by interfering with the normal training of a child’s innate immune system.  

link to the above w full paper available

In a word, the covid vaccines are bad for children. ABN

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