INDIANA: Response to US Surgeon General request for “Impact of Health Misinformation in the Digital Information Environment in the United States Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic”

We submit the following examples of disinformation from the CDC and other health organizations that have shattered the public’s trust in science and public health and will take decades to repair.

#1 Overcounting COVID-19: The official CDC numbers for COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations are inaccurate. The official tallies include many people who have died with rather than from COVID-19. CDC has not distinguished deaths where COVID-19 was the primary cause of death, where COVID-19 was a contributing cause of death, or where the death was entirely unrelated to COVID-19, but they incidentally tested positive.


Contributing to the theory that US government missteps are all due to incompetence, the Surgeon General walked right into this one like a newborn deer. Indiana responded with a long list of CDC and government bullshit, lies, disinformation, and misinformation on covid. The most important thing left off the list is banning early treatment while at the same time requiring malpractice in hospitals. I hope more states follow the lead of Todd Rokita, Indiana Attorney General, et al on this. ABN

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