I genuinely have a lot of empathy for (most) trans activists

I genuinely have a lot of empathy for (most) trans activists.

Gender dysphoria sucks. You feel uncomfortable in your own body, your mind goes to very dark places. You really would do anything – inject cross-sex hormones, cut off parts of yourself – just to feel less self-hatred.

I get it. I really do – I lived with it for years.

But none of that could ever justify eliminating safeguards, decimating women's rights and spaces, erasing same-sex attraction and experimenting on vulnerable children.

Nothing could.

What trans activists got wrong – and they got *a lot* wrong – was thinking their own personal pain trumped everyone else's.

Everyone struggles. Everyone's in pain, in some way, at some point.

You don't demand the rest of the world change just to make *you* feel better. Selfish.

So, aye. Nobody's surprised that trans acceptance is decreasing. What the fuck do you expect? Trans activism has been completely, unapologetically arrogant, demanding and selfish for years now.

My heart goes out to every trans person who'll suffer because of the nutty activists.

Originally tweeted by Watson (@ImWatson91) on July 20, 2022.

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