American parasitism – a renaming, sequins

Our parasitic class(es) have grown so large and dominant, we need a name for the core people, the core group(s) without which we would not suffer such profound parasitic infestation and harm. To this end I propose the term sequins, which is a reasonable pronunciation of SQNsine qua non, “without which nothing.”

Sequins are the core people, the top people who fund, organize, promote, and propagandize in their own interests, even though these interests are typically couched as being for “the greatest good,” which they are not. They are the people “without which” we would not suffer so much parasitism.

The World Economic Forum, for example, is a group of sequins, without question controlled by a more secret group of even stronger sequins. The Biden administration is clearly controlled, handled, run by sequins, many of whom went apeshit over Donald Trump because he threatens them.

I doubt this term will catch on, but maybe it will. We need something like this word to identify the top people behind our core problem. The terms people use with varying meaning today to sort of indicate what sequin means are not accurate and bring in many other associations that serve only to confuse the issue. ABN

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