“Each of us in positions of authority or power, need to make sure that we are not inciting or encouraging anger or frustration” ~ Justin T, spoken with a cloying woke lilt

Originally tweeted by Rebel News (@RebelNewsOnline) on August 30, 2022.

The epitome of globopinko “leadership” through slavish obedience to WEF grade-school “ideas,” or is it “ideals.” These pathetic public faces of the anonymous rulers who dictate their policies all speak the same language, which is full of cheap platitudes, appeals to bullshit, a halting woke lilt with rising tones rising into nothingness. Behind the garbage speaking and staged mannerisms lie foul policies clearly designed to harm their own populations while also destroying the West. Ardern of NZ is a twin ideological slave-sister to Trudeau. Europe is filled with similar clones. The more of us understand and do not submit, the better our chances. ABN

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