Hundreds of millions will die and billions of people will be harmed by the COVID-19 virus and vaccines. Dr. David Martin provides proof that American scientists have worked for decades to sculpt the COVID-19 virus and vaccines into very contagious and deadly biological weapons. Then governments and mainstream media around the world did everything they could to maximize the harm done to citizens.

Meanwhile, another deadly attack on humanity is accelerating. This winter Europeans will face economic ruin, insufficient energy during the freezing winter, and dire food shortages. The US and European governments are deliberately destroying Europe and blaming the Russian/Ukrainian war. But war is just an excuse for weak citizens to do nothing about the real problem – their predatory governments. War also works as a thinly veiled threat, showing citizens what can happen if they don’t obey.

The US and many other nations around the world are marching close behind Europe towards a total collapse of civilization. All because governments are enforcing destructive policies upon their citizens.

We are in the last stages of a deadly worldwide hybrid war.

Most citizens are hiding in fear of the rapid, machine gun-like attacks. Many are unaware they are in a hybrid war. The few who do know, don’t have the slightest idea about what to do.

People need to learn how to survive in this deadly war.

Below is an introduction to modern warfare. Followed by a more useful definition. And last, some strategies for throwing monkey wrenches into the war machines.


The linked article is a good start but realize hybrid warfare against the West has been going on in earnest for seventy years, beginning shortly after the end of WW2. It includes not only the techniques discussed in the article, but also murder, maiming, poison, psychosurgery, targeted energy weapons, reputation destruction, theft, job loss, and more. These kinds of attacks happen at the personal level, so if your neighbor or brother or child is harmed in one of these ways you will probably not realize they have been attacked at all. You will probably think they got into drugs or booze or were unable to recover from a failed marriage or business mistake. That could be the case but it could also be the case that their downward spiral happened because they were and are being poisoned, lobotomized, had their sensory organs damaged, a false lover turned on them, etc. The next time you see a friend go nuts or look in the eyes of a homeless person, realize they may be a casualty of hybrid warfare. For these techniques to work best, it is most efficacious to attack strong and talented children or young adults. By damaging them completely without killing them, they become a burden on their communities, a depressing sign of failure, and since they began as promising leaders they may still lead others but from now on in a wrong direction. Multiply one individual casualty like that by 100k per year or more and you can take down a civilization in seven decades. If that sounds outlandish consider the rewards versus costs—conquering the entire West at the price of a small army of clandestine operatives. ABN

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