Giorgia Meloni as Italian PM

The rise of Giorgia Meloni and her coalition of the right has struck fear into the hearts of the EU and the left everywhere. God forbid that a political movement arise that would challenge globalist dogma. As Ursula von der Leyen, head of the European Commission said before the election, said before the election, “If things go in a difficult direction— and I’ve spoken about Hungary and Poland—we have the tools.”

So Meloni has definitely made the right enemies. I was quite impressed about her statement on identity, which flies in the face of globalist dogma and reflects what sensible people on the right have been saying for some time.

Of course Islam and the rest of the immigrants have no problem with their very strong racial/ethnic/religious identities—encouraged by elites throughout the West. It’s only Europeans who are condemned for having them—obviously a losing proposition long term.


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