The mistake of thinking it was a mistake: Kheriaty and many others fail to see the bigger and more dangerous picture

Kheriaty’s analysis in the video above is based on “mistakes.” But in too many ways these do not appear to be mistakes. They appear instead to be the work of a powerful cabal that is seeking control of the world. Everything this cabal is doing–not just covid policies–looks designed to weaken the West. Why? The short answer for USA is they can’t take our guns so they are taking our food, money, jobs, fuel, health, and flooding us with illegal immigration. Doing the same in Europe only helps. Beyond that, we have a war in Europe and a brewing war in China. Cabal is attacking Russia and China because they are adversaries every bit as significant as popular revolt within the West. All of the issues just mentioned and more can be amplified at any moment to control or panic any of cabal’s adversaries. Food and fuel can disappear, then be rationed to a weakened and frightened population already well-trained in lockdowns and isolation. Emergency war powers can be enacted based on false flags or real skirmishes, allowing cabal to do whatever it pleases. If this seems too neat to be true, consider it from cabal’s point of view and it will look even neater (and truer): From cabal’s point of view world domination by someone is inevitable. They reason either we do it or we have it done to us. It is a zero-sum game. If we do not act now, it will be too late. This is why USA has banned high-end chip exports to China, messed with China trade, and probably messed with China’s weather. This also explains blowing up Nord Stream 2, sanctioning Russia to Europe’s detriment, continuously provoking Putin to use nuclear weapons. Cabal will not care which cities are destroyed by nukes or how many people are killed in Europe or anywhere. What they want is when the dust clears they alone are left standing. ABN

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