The Earth-Lunar Lagrange 1 Orbital Rapid Response Array (ELORA)

Elora is a name meaning ‘The laurel of victory’. Within this paper, The Ethical Skeptic has proposed for consideration a concept for an elegant, flexible, high delivery-mass, rapid response, high kinetic-energy and low rubble-fragmentation system called ELORA. A Lagrange-exploiting orbital array anchored at LP1 between the Earth and the Moon, which can be rapidly deployed to interdict an approaching Earth-impactor threat, through massive, adaptable, and repeated kinetic impact. It is the contention of this white paper that this concept system offers features superior in every facet of challenge, to the existing asteroid/comet deflection technologies under consideration.


This is about how to protect earth from an asteroid or other potentially catastrophic impact. Great read, wonderfully inventive device. ABN

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