Musk made a mistake but gets points for admitting it

I don’t blame anyone for getting the vax but also if they did, I become quite sure that: 1) either they did not do good research or do not have the time to do it; or 2) they do not have people who did do the research talking to them and/or they are not listening. However you look at it, this subtracts substantial points from any idea we may have of Musk being super smart or prescient. This makes him seem somewhat innocent and colors his political views, which seem naive based on other evidence (voted for Brandon/Dems and now supports DeSantis very early on). And all of that makes me wonder if he really does have handlers and if those handlers are handling the Twitter revelations and not just his politics and public image. If Musk is honest and well-meaning and not controlled by handlers, I can only respect him for his bravery and apologize for throwing shade on him. I also give him credit for admitting he did get the vax and had a bad experience. ABN

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