How Yahweh Conquered Rome — Laurent Guyénot

This is an excellent video and everyone should watch it. Take away from it what you like or are able. It will reshape your view of history. One major thing left out of this video is neither Green nor Guyenot mentions or appears to be aware that this kind of infiltration and takeover did not happen only through ideas and intellectual persuasion. It also happened and is continuing to happen through clandestine asymmetric warfare waged through large networks of spies and assassins who poison and maim as often as they murder. While direct evidence of these networks is all but impossible to gather, indirect evidence is not. Is poison a real warfare technique? Covid is a poison, as are targeted energy weapons, tainted food supplies, and fentanyl smuggling to name just a few. Our enemy is not a proud warrior standing in the open who can be defeated in honorable battle. It is an army of parasites that has infested the body of society, infiltrated all of its institutions, does not flinch at harming children. ABN

Guyenot’s essay discussed in the video: How Yahweh Conquered Rome: Christianity and the Big Lie

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