‘The neocons see everything as a kind of chess game and that’s a fundamental mistake’ ~ Alex Mercouris

Alex is gliding over a major snag in his thesis and that is the neocons are KOBK players. They are psychopaths bent on eliminating all rivals and ruling the world and so is Xi and his CCP. There is no America anything today. It’s all neocons and what they want. China is what Xi wants. Russia knows it has to play this game and that both powers would eat them alive if opportunity presented. None of these players is envisioning a rational peaceful world of interdependent spheres of influence. At the end of this video both Alexes agree the neocons are failing in their efforts. Failing in what way from their point of view? The neocons don’t care about minor setbacks or visions of a peaceful future. They want WW3 if necessary and when the nuclear dust settles, only they are left standing. ABN

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