‘I believe there was never a pandemic’ ~ Dr Simon Goddek

#1 I believe there was never a pandemic. If it weren't for the fraudulent PCR test and the media scaremongering, no one would have ever thought that we were in a health emergency. And what about excess mortality? That can be explained by the nocebo effect. A thread. 🧵

#2 The nocebo effect is a phenomenon where a harmless substance or situation can cause harm or negative symptoms in an individual simply because they believe it to be harmful. This can manifest as physical or psychological symptoms and is the opposite of the placebo effect.

#3 Although it's now claimed that Covid had already been among us in 2019, excess mortality only increased after the media spread fear. Fear and stress increase blood cortisol levels, which leads to inflammation in the body. The weak and elderly were the main victims in Apr 2020.

#4 Based on the graph made by @ArionTheWise, it is apparent that death rates vary significantly between countries, but remain relatively consistent on a day-to-day basis within a particular country. This demonstrates that the death rate is strongly influenced by the location.

#5 Thanatophobia, the fear of death, can lead to increased anxiety levels and acute episodes, potentially triggering a self-fulfilling prophecy mechanism through the body's stress response. This can disproportionately affect patients with pre-existing coronary heart disease.

#6 And what about the increased number of deaths that we have observed since 2021? This coincided with the introduction of gene therapy. If these therapies are effective, why are we still seeing excess deaths?

#7 I believe that the so-called vaccines are doing more harm than good and that a public health response that focused on calming people down instead of constantly stoking fear would have prevented the significant excess mortality that we have witnessed since then.

#8 I dare to claim that it was never their intention to protect lives or improve the quality of life for the global population. The measures were too counterproductive and harmful from the beginning. That is why I am calling it what it is: a PLANDEMIC to enforce the Great Reset.

Originally tweeted by Dr. Simon Goddek (@goddeketal) on March 14, 2023.

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