Michael Callahan: DARPA’s Ventilator Guy in Wuhan

Michael Callahan, the Department of Defense’s virus intelligence expert in Wuhan, was key to the initial panic and ventilator guidance that killed thousands of Covid patients in spring 2020.

Aside from former Deputy National Security Advisor Matt Pottinger, another lesser-known national security figure who was key to the earliest days of the United States’ response to Covid-19 is Michael Callahan, longtime manager for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and the United States government’s only confirmed point of contact regarding the earliest days of the Wuhan lockdown in January 2020.

Unlike more public-facing figures such as Anthony Fauci, Callahan isn’t often discussed in major media outlets. But stories of Callahan’s crucial role are available just beneath the surface, from outlets including Rolling Stone and National Geographic. His preferred media contact, Brendan Borrell, wrote a book centered around his exploits in the response to Covid.

Callahan had been one of the US government’s leading biowarfare experts since the early 2000s, when he was dispatched to the former Soviet Union for several years “to form alliances with scientists at some of the most secretive bioweapons laboratories in Russia and the former Soviet states.” This entailed the “reconfiguration of former biological weapons production facilities” in order “to fight disease rather than weaponize it,” primarily for purposes of vaccine production.


Very good background info on the early days of the plandemic and a big reason why ventilators were promoted so strongly and later vaxxes. Well-worth reading. ABN

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