‘There were multiple steps that were slow-walked at the Department of Justice’: IRS whistleblower breaks cover after claiming Hunter Biden was given preferential treatment during tax probe

The IRS whistleblower in the Hunter Biden probe has broken his cover after claiming the president’s son was given preferential treatment in a tax probe. 

Gary Shapley, a 14-year IRS agent, said he immediately saw deviations in Hunter’s tax probe investigation when he was assigned the case in January 2020. He became concerned that prosecutors were mishandling the ‘controversial’ case and felt bound to blow the whistle due to his oath of office. 

‘This is a job, and my oath of office is to treat everybody fairly that we investigate,’ he told CBS News. ‘[This case] was way outside the norm of what I’ve experienced in the past. There were multiple steps that were slow-walked — were just completely not done — at the direction of the Department of Justice.

‘When I saw the egregiousness of some of these things, it no longer became a choice for me. It’s not something that I want to do. It’s something I feel like I have to do.’ 

The registered Republican, who claims he does not get involved in politics, said the alleged mishandling is affecting the ‘fairness of the system’ when taxpayers and ‘subjects of investigations are treated differently.’ 


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