A Letter to Andrew Hill | Dr Tess Lawrie | Oracle Films

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Don’t skip this film. It’s a description of how Andrew Hill fudged results to prevent authorization of ivermectin for the treatment of covid.

Note the demeanor of Hill: evasive, casual disregard of the enormity of his transgression, superficial charm, and even a duper’s delight smile properly restrained. These are the kinds of people who have gradually infiltrated and destroyed Western institutions since the end of WW2. Many of them are like Hill who probably did not consciously infiltrate his institutions but was guided by others who could see early on that he is malleable, controllable, morally rudderless, and greedy. When the time came to use him for those traits, he was in place and ready to be used. Once you see this predator/parasitic pattern of infiltration over many decades and traps like this one sprung seemingly “inexplicably,” you will understand how and why the West at large is all but totally destroyed. The effort began in earnest after WW2 and included interpersonal violence in addition to the promotions of people like Hill. ABN

first posted MARCH 4, 2022

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