Heads of MI5 and FBI warn of threat posed by China in first ever joint speech: Security chiefs say they are facing ‘game changing challenge’ from communist party which is ‘covertly applying pressure across the globe’

MI5 director Ken McCallum and FBI chief Christopher Wray in historic address

Heads of security agencies used joint speech to warn of China’s long-term risk

Ruling CCP pose a ‘game changing challenge’ to the established world order 


Notable because it’s a joint statement. Also notable is it’s from two agencies I do not trust about a third I do not trust either. I do not believe any of us below the very top know what is really going on. Recall that covid is almost certainly either a US bioweapon, a Chinese bioweapon or one concocted by both and release deliberately or not. That is one wobbling foundation upon which to divine the planetary drama playing out today. Covid allowed China to hide its defeat in its trade war with Trump. It also provided cover for our domestic cabal to steal the presidential election. Every factor you can think of cuts two, three, four ways minimum. That said, Chinese spying is ferocious and very widespread. What’s weird about that is they are spying on Western institutions that have already been infiltrated and taken over by someone else. Who wants world domination most? Even if you don’t want it, who wants to be dominated? No question, we have before us one of the greatest illustrations of the First Noble Truth ever manifested in the human realm. ABN

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